The Bourbon Fortress of Civitella del Tronto

civitella del trontoThe fortress is considered one of the most important works of military engineering at the northeast boundary of the Kingdom of Sicily.
From the architectural point of view, the fortress can be divided into two parts: one relating to housing, and the other dedicated to defense, more exposed to enemy attacks.
The defensive architecture was also structured in three covered walkways that had to be crossed
to enter the fortress...

The cave church of S.Michele Arcangelo

grotte sant'angeloIt is largest karst cave in the valley of Salinello and measures 30 meters high and 40 meters deep.
The cave was intricately excavated over time by the waters of the river. Especially noteworthy are
the frequent pilgrimages to the caves, as many flock to visit the two altars of different historical
periods located there.GO UP

The Salinello's gorges

AVVISO!! Le Gole sono CHIUSE(fino a prossima ord. comunale), come da ordinanza comunale, restano aperte e accessibili fino alle Grotte di S.Angelo"

Continuing along the path, you can reach Salinello's gorges which consist of a huge canyon (200
meters high) crossed by the river. In the summertime you can cool off because water temperatures
do not ever exceed 16 celsius.. GO UP

Castle Manfrino

After a three-hours walk from Ripe, it's possible to admire the ruins of an ancient castle. Castle Manfrino was built by the Romans to guard an important road. Subsequently, the castle became important for Swabians' military strategy (first with Frederick Barbarossa, and later with king
Manfrino). According to oral tradition, Manfrino was buried here.GO UP


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